A couple new issues created

Nov 30, 2007 at 6:38 PM
I love VBS and use it on my XPS notebook. Helps keep the battery going for a long time when I'm off power.

I've created a couple new issues, one which should be easy to fix, one which may not.

The easy one is to put VBS on a time delay. I've found in use that fluctuations of power can cause VBS to begin doing its work over and over and over again. I suggest that VBS waits a connfigurable ammount of time prior to changing the power settings. In pseudocode:

On power state changed
state = current power state
Sleep X seconds (where X is configurable)
If current power state = state, change power settings

Of course, you'll be getting many power state changed events firing (probably on different threads, too), so you'll have to implement some sort of intermediary object that takes power state changes and determines when to change power settings.

The second issue involves what happens when programs that have system tray icons are shut down forcibly. This usually results in the program's icon being left in the tray. Doing this multiple times can result in many ghost icons remaining in the tray, which can be annoying to deal with.
It appears that VBS kills the sidebar process, as the sidebar icon is left in the tray. A couple power state changes and you end up with several ghost icons. Which is the real one? You have to run your mouse over each one to find out. And if they're hidden, you have to hit the "show hidden icons" button for each ghost. Its a pain in the ass.

I would suggest that there may be a better way to shut down the sidebar, allowing it to clean up its resources properly before shutting down. Allowing for this would prevent this issue from cropping up.

Anyhow, I love the VBS. Thanks for your hard work!